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This is an introduction that was written to answer some of your questions concerning the program of Narcotics Anonymous. Our message is very simple: We have found a way to live without using drugs, and we are happy to share it with anyone for whom drugs are or have been a problem.

This is very useful booklet with a good selection of basic information about Narcotics Anonymous. It can be used by professionals and addicts. 


Introductory Guide to NA


Narcotics Anonymous is a community of people who support each other to achieve and maintain a drug free life. The only requirement for participation in NA is a desire to stop using drugs. There are no membership fees, and each group is self-supporting. NA is not allied with any religion, institution or other organisation. NA exists solely so that its members can support each other to stay drug free and to help others achieve and maintain a drug free recovery and lifestyle. 


In NA we are not concerned about what drugs people may have used, what they have done in the past or what their personal status might be, we are only interested in what they would like to do to change their life and how we can help. Addiction cuts across all segments of society and age groups and affects people in differing ways. In the beginning many who come to our meetings think they are different and will not belong, but on attending meetings and hearing others talk about their experiences they often realize how similar these are to their own. 


NA is currently referred to in the UK as a Mutual Aid organisation, NA helps addicts to stop taking drugs, get well and change the quality of their lives. We mutually help each other; we consider those that are new to NA to be the most important people in our meetings because we have learnt that helping others is a gift that reinforces our motivation and like to stay drug free. 


NA offers support for life – it is a community of people who have overcome their drug problem, and who are freely available to help those who also have the like to live life drug free. It costs nothing to be an NA member, you are a member of NA when you say you are, there are no waiting lists for NA if people would like to attend a meeting they just need to show up.  Prior to the Covid outbreak there were over 1,250 NA meetings taking place each week throughout England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. In 2020 over 950 meetings moved online. We are transitioning and returning to a mix of in person and online meeting, as of 1st August 2021 there are approx. 400 physical meetings and 800 weekly online meetings happening and being held. Physical meetings can be found here and Online meetings can be found here


Public Health England has issued guidelines recognising the benefits of mutual aid groups – stating it is essential that “all keyworkers support their clients to access mutual aid by delivering the structured Facilitated Access to Mutual Aid (FAMA) approach", see link to PHE (Public Health England) publications below. 


For a current list of online NA meetings please go to: 


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If you work with addicts  in the Greater London area and would like to learn more about Narcotics Anonymous and what we do please email us at:  

[email protected]  

If you work with addicts and would like to learn more about Narcotics Anonymous and what we do please email us at:  

[email protected]