NA Helpline for the U.K ~ 0300 999 1212

The NA Helpline is often the first point of contact for people needing support and advice about the nature of drug addiction. Anyone from the using addict, their friends and family members through to drug workers and the press are welcome to call. Some FAQs are here

Everyone who volunteers for shifts are Recovering Addicts, many of whom called the Helpline themselves at some point. The NA Helpline is open until midnight, seven days a week, but if, for some reason, you get an answer-phone, please DO leave a message and we will get back to you, with the utmost discretion, as soon as possible.

NA HELPLINE: Call 0300 999 1212
Please pass this number on to anyone you feel may need it.
This is our new number. It is subsidised by us, so is almost free from a landline & the price of calling a landline when using a mobile [or if you have free minutes it will be deducted from those].
All old numbers should be deleted from your records:
Please delete 0845 373 3366 - it is no longer an NA Helpline number. 
& also delete 020 7730 0009 - it is no longer an NA Helpline number.

Helpline Volunteers Needed
Would you like to volunteer for a weekly, two, four or five hour shift at the Helpline? If you are a Recovering Addict with at least one year's cleantime, you can start training now. Please call the Helpline and ask for your number to be passed on to the Rota Co-ordinator.

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